Company Overview

With the driven motivation to venture into the secluded beauty of Nepal, Raj Kumar Rai established Malung Treks and Expedition in 2014. His more than 10 years of experience in the field made him well aware of the off- beat paths in Nepal that resulted in beautiful terrains, he was determined to make sure the world knew of these immaculate findings as well and worked actively to bring remote and rural areas in Nepal into the limelight. 

With the promotion of unexplored and remote destinations in Nepal at its core, Malung Treks and Expedition has organized and guided guests from different nationalities namely Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Singapore, Hongkong, Netherlands South Korea, China, and Malaysia with a diverse range of packages and tours. Raj Kumar Rai believes in growth in the community and not just the company which is why Malung Treks and Expedition has been involved in numerous social initiatives that have brought about a positive growth in the rural communities they pass through during their trip. Sowing seeds for a better future and helping in the development of the remote communities in Nepal. Malung Treks and Expedition works hard towards social ventures that help remote settlements in Nepal with a boost in tourism.

The specialty of Malung Treks and Expedition lies in the lesser known touristic destinations, refusing to stick to a stratified segment the company has unexplored and lesser touristic destinations for those that enjoy secluded and rustic environments. Organizing also homestays, camping and family trips to help travelers immerse in the diverse culture Nepal has to offer. The heart of any business lies in their ability to grow but for Malung Treks and Expedition it extends well beyond this, the company has shown a responsibility towards the travelers by providing excellent services while simultaneous working on specific ways to help the Nepali communities to immerse in tourism activities as well, allowing for them to grow from a mutual exchange with travelers and so promoting sustainable tourism in Nepal.

Additionally, more specific efforts for their social cause includes Welcome Home an organization which helps  rural villages relocate after massive landslides, child care and education, women empowerment and health and hygiene in the rural villages of Nepal. Raj Kumar Rai also actively participates in the community activities of his birth-place especially during the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. He believes that while growing up the tourism industry helped him to evolve and grow which is what he wants the communities to benefit from as well. 

Much of the unexplored areas that are less exposed to the industry of tourism struggle due to the lack of opportunities available in the area, Malung Treks and Expedition wants to change that to establish a community where touristic activities would result in a win-win situation; tourists would get to explore the lesser known but even more beautiful settlements and trails in Nepal and the communities could benefit from this exposure and allows them to grow. 

Malung Treks and Expedition stands for quality service, sustainable tourism and most of all to provide travelers a unique and unforgettable experience in Nepal. We welcome you to this Himalayan paradise!

Raj Kumar Rai 
Managing Director 
Malung Treks and Expedition