Charity Treks

Malung Treks and Expedition specializes in charity trek in the Himalayas that support our community-based projects. The organization donates 10% of all trek profits to community projects in different places in the country but has been operating charity treks to allow the trekkers to get involved with the community, directly. Charity trek is a normal trek combined with an active participation of the trekkers in various community-based projects. Charity treks are designed for benevolent trekkers who wish to make their treks impactful, not just for themselves but also for the community that they are traveling to.

Charity trek is an opportunity for you to get involved in community building whilst traveling in the remote areas of Nepal. During each trip, travelers can volunteer in any community-based projects for the additional number of days to the actual trek, and can also make the special donation for the same project. Our charity is completely run and operated by volunteers and well-wishers, and we assure you that 100% of the money you donate goes directly to the beneficiaries. If you wish, you can also help the charity by sponsoring or purchasing much-needed equipment, books, notebooks, pencils, medicines and other supplies for schools and the communities. You can also operate workshops and projects in the local schools that are beneficial for the children.

Currently, our charity trek is running in Solukhumbu district where we are shifting a community of 200 families who are in the danger of massive landslides on the surrounding hills. The situation has worsened ever since the 2015 Nepal earthquake. We're currently building 30 houses, but our aim is to build 170 more to rehabilitate the 200 families that live under the threat every day. Our current budget requirement to build the 30 houses is Nepalese Rupees One Crore and Fifty Lakhs (NRs. 1,50,00,000) with each house costing around Nepalese Rupees Five Lakhs (NRs. 5,00,000). The materials used for rebuilding are soil, bamboo, stone, clay, and earth bags to make it cost effective, reliable and sustainable.

The initiator of this reconstruction project, Late Hit Kumar Rai, was a selfless man serving the community as the chairman of Shree Jaleswari Yuwa Samaj Sewa Samuha Waku. After Rai's recent remise, his son and the Managing Director of Malung Treks, Raj Kumar Rai, has been more determined than ever to fulfill his father's dream of re-establishing the displaced families of Solukhumbu. Having been involved in the tourism sector for years, Raj Kumar Rai decided to incorporate charity within the trips offered by Malung Treks, thus providing you with an opportunity to be a part of change by helping us to save lives. You can help us either by directly volunteering in the reconstruction process or by donating fund as well as materials for the project. You can also help this project by booking any trip with Malung Treks. You will be surprised by the hospitality and warmth you receive from the locals for helping them live fear free. Let's work together for change and make our trips more than just travelling.


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