Mustang trekking route

Nepal widespread as the most beautiful country, it offers many unbelievable, unexplored, and unspoiled trekking destinations for both inexperienced and experienced national as well as international trekkers and Mustang trekking route is one of them. The nameMustangis derived from the Tibetan word which means, “Plain of Aspiration”. After the opening of many popular trekking routes in Nepal by the government of Nepal, treks like eco, cultural, adventurous, etc. have been getting much popularity and of course! for the majority, trekking in Nepal has become a dream. For many years, trekking to this ancient Himalayan kingdom; Mustang region was restricted for outsiders to preserve its landscapes and culture. 
A cultural Journey in the Hidden World of Nepal!
Mustang famous as the “Last Forbidden Kingdom of Nepal” preserve the centuries-old cultures and traditions. Isolated from the world, Mustang is rich in its own history. As it lies in the border of Nepal and Tibet, people of Mustang mostly follow the Tibetan Buddhist culture. The ancient pristine Tibetan culture and the typical Himalayan lifestyle are the unbelievable reality of this region which captivates people word widely to experience once. Learning such cultures, traditions, and interacting with Himalayan people along with living their nomadic lifestyle even for short period will surely be an exceptional experience of your life that Malung Treks is offering you via Mustang trekking route package.
What are the Highlights ofTrekking Trails of Mustang Region?
Surrounded by the rugged terrains many mountains such as Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, and several peaks above 7,000 meters, the major highlights of Mustang trekking route are that firstly, it is occupied with impressive high desert and barren landscapes spotted with solitary mountain pillars and secondly, it presents a colorful mosaic made up of ochre, yellowish, and brownish shades of windswept terrains. Furthermore, Mustang is rich in diverse trans-Himalayan biodiversity; floras and faunas. Not only these things, trekking to Mustang region fortunate you with the vistas of fascinating snow-capped mountains like Annapurna I (8,091m), Dhaulagiri (8,167m), deep gorges, an ancient monastery, caves, and many more. One of the fascinating highlights of this trek is the warm hospitality of the Himalayan people, food that you never have tasted, and lifestyle that you haven’t imagined till now.  Surely, the communicating with local people and their kind services in the trekking trails will add amusement to your trekking journey.
Which is the Best Time for Trekking in Mustang?
Trekking in an off the beaten path; Mustang, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October are the best time to trek in because of moderate weather. During winter time, the temperature is extremely cold due to heavy snowfalls. 
How difficult is Mustang Trekking Route?
Trekkers must be familiar with the fact that trekking starts out of our comfort zone. Trekkers have graded Mustang trekking route as moderate level as there are no standards established to grade the difficulty level of any trek. The difficulty level of any trek usually depends upon the elevation, trekking duration, topography, and inaccessibility of basic things such as accommodation, food, etc. Lying at the top of the Kali Gandaki river, the elevation of Mustang ranges from 1,372 to 8,167 meters that present the trans-Himalayan altitude and receives very low rainfall than another region of Nepal. The trekking trails pass through a steep rocky path up and down the hill, passes, alpine valleys, peaks, and glaciers. Typically, a strong wind blows there that makes the environment much drier and windy. You will get fine accommodation and teahouses here, as this region is one of the remotest regions in Nepal ranking second in position in terms of the sparsity of population in Nepal. Additionally, altitude sickness can be a problem for some trekkers. The trekking duration varies depending upon the days you separate for altitude acclimatization or rest days during your journey, but the normal time it takes to complete starts from 12 days. Also, you need a separate trekking permit to visit Upper and Lower Mustang
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