Dudhkunda cultural trekking, one of the unimagined and unique cultural trekking in Nepal is famous especially among devotees of Lord Shiva and others. Not only religious purpose, but this trek is also getting much popularity among adventurers and nature lovers too due to its unexplored and unspoiled trekking trails. Standing in front of world’s highest Himalayas under the blue sky and listening to the musical sound produced by nature in a peaceable surrounding along with the chilling weather, oh!we can’t imagine through these words until we go there! What else though a nature enthusiast needs? Malung Treks, one of the leading trekking companies in Nepal offers this exciting trekking opportunity to trekkers from worldwide along with an experienced, friendly, and professional tour guide. Spending time with closed ones beyond the crowdy places and flattering nature, I am sure everyone will love to do trekking in Nepal again and again!
The diversity in geography and the presence of various communities have resulted in a range of unique cultures and heavenly landscapes in Nepal. Of course! The Dudh Kunda lake trek is one of them. We probably have heard that Nepal is blessed not only with the highest mountains but also, the deepest lake in the world; Tlicho lake. The Tlicho lake is just an example, there are many carrying their own significance and popularity. Likewise, the DudhKunda Lake is one of the sacred lakes that appear in a milky white color. Resting at the base of the Numbur Himal in the deepest valley, this lake lies in Solukhumbu district. The pilgrims believed that the DudhKunda (4560m) is the abode of Lord Shiva and taking a bath or dip in this holy lake wash away all our sins, fulfill our good wishes, and even bless a child to the childless couple. As told by local pilgrims, on a full moon day on August, this lake suddenly fills up and appear in pure milky white color. During the full moon day, thousands of devotees around the nation and neighboring nations visit this lake and conduct their rituals.  

The Trekking Trails to DudhKunda lake?

This newly opened trekking trail to DudhKunda continues through Phaplu, Chiwang, Takshindu via Ringmo village, Saharsbeni and finally, reach the DudhKunda. Oh! the scenic flight from Kathmandu to Phalpu leaves our eyes wide open. The white snow-capped mountainous view along with green lush forests creates a natural paragon. This far but, beautiful glimpse of Nepal makes us feel, “Heaven is a myth, but Nepal is real” which is a very famous proverb for Nepal among Nepal explorers. Continuing through this off the beaten trekking destination in Nepal passes through several interesting, culturally rich, and quiet villages, river valleys, narrow rides, dense forests adorned with rhododendron flowers, pine trees, varieties of floras and faunas, rare birds and animals. Furthermore, this adventurous trek takes you to the ancient trading routes of the Everest region. On the way to the DudhKunda, encounter the Himalayan wildlife such as mountain thars, bears, leopards, jackals, and pheasants. Also, visit the Chiwang monastery, one of the beautiful and historically oldest monasteries built on the amazing rock.

The trekking trail up to Ringmo village follows through a lush green meadow and the red blooming rhododendron forests. Ongoing the exciting walk through the unexplored route to DudhKunda, witness the breath-taking views of the highest mountains, Mt. Everest (8848m) and Mt. Numbur (6,959m) too. I am sure, witnessing Everest glorious view will stop your heartbeat! The feeling while trekking in the land of Himalayas with eye-captivating natural sceneries around the peaceful environment, I think words couldn’t explain the exact feeling you going to feel in this wonderland of Nepal! Collect the first-hand experience, this would be your lifetime memories and perfect refreshment from tight life schedules and noisy cities!
A Cultural Journey in Nepal?
The quiet, natural, and non-touristic DudhKunda lake trek presents us the chance to observe the vibrant culture of the locals. Nonetheless, this trek is an acultural trek. In Nepal, different ethnicities even places have their own culture and if you observe, each culture is unique that have their own importance. Here also, you will find diverse cultures and cultural events due to the presence of different ethnic groups such as Sherpas, KhalingRais, Tamangs, Magars, and Gurungs. Interacting with locals, you surely will love their broken English and other languages talking. Most especially, the Dudhkunda cultural trekking offers interaction with Khalings Rais settlements where you observe and experience their unique cultures. The heart-warming hospitality of the locals, their kind service, cheerful talks, and typical Nepali lifestyle can take your heart away which would be your unique experience across the world. Make your dream come true with the professional team of Malung Treks. Your dream is our dream too!