Best seasons for trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a naturally beautiful country, where many tourists come to visit Nepal every year. Usually, there is no specific time to visit Nepal, technically trekkers can trek in Nepal throughout the year and exploring this natural paradise in the world. However, the beauty of Nepal offers its special natural wonder in every season of the year. Each season has its distinct attraction to offer as it provides different looking landscapes, environment, and experiences. Nepal is a country of diverse geography, according to its topography, the climate in Nepal differ with its altitude. Nepal has tremendous variation in climates; the plains lowland are tropical, high mountains have sub-arctic and arctic and the midland hills are temperate. The best seasons to visit in Nepal also depends on which areas you are intending to head for on a Nepal trekking holiday. If you are desiring high elevation region like Mt. Everest, Annapurna, Kanchenjunga, Langtang and many more will display almost the same temperature and rainfall. Fall and the Spring are the best seasons for trekkers to have the best clarity of the views and the weather are also pleasing. We will explain trekking seasons in Nepal as followings:

Fall Peak Season (October and November)
Fall season consists of October and November months which are considered as a peak season to explore Nepal. In this season, the weather is the relatively stable, clear sky with clear air which will enable trekkers to have superb mountains views and explore the beautiful landscapes, rivers, and other natural wonders with fine accommodation. In this season, temperatures are mild that high mountains are still cold even though, lower elevations are still warm. During trekking in the day, trekkers will feel temperature is most pleasing. The fall season is the comparatively reliable season for bad weather that’s why Nepal receive the bulk of trekkers throughout the world. In this season, the famous destination such as; Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Kanchenjunga, Manaslu and many more are bustling with the many enthusiastic trekkers. Most of the teahouses, hotels, lodge, guesthouse will be quite expensive during these peak seasons. 

Spring Seasons (February through April)
Spring Season is an ideal season to trek in Nepal. February through April are the months that fall in the spring season. This season temperature is also quite similar to the fall season, where the day will be sunny, clear and warm for trekkers to trek in Nepal. Spring is considered as one of the best seasons to trek but in this season, the trekking trail will be less crowded and trekkers have to reach higher elevation for stunning clear mountains views. Trekkers usually have to trek above around 10,000 feet for superb Himalayans views. In this season, the surrounding will also blossom with wild flora including the famous giant of rhododendrons, which provides landscapes a radiant and vibrant texture. 

The Monsoon Season (July, August to earlier September)
Usually, July and August through it can start earlier and stretch into September is regarded as a monsoon season in Nepal. Monsoon seasons in Nepal are a hot season with heavy rains and high humidity. In this season, thunder and lightning storms with heavy rainfall are uncertain. That is why these monsoon seasons are a comparatively unfavorable season to trek in Nepal. The mountains views are also quite difficult to views clear from the low elevations, even though, we can have clear views from High Altitude. Due to the frequent monsoon, there will not be cloud problems while viewing stunning mountains but trekker may get trekking difficulties. There may be a real threat of landslides during monsoon seasons in Nepal.
Autumn Seasons (mid- September, October and November)
Autumn Season in Nepal is the best time to go for trekking and exploring the high land. In this season, the sky is cleared and the views are often spectacular after monsoon rains. The weather is mild with the greenery Valley, and trekkers can enjoy trekking at this time of the year. 
Winter season (December, January, and February)
Winter season is also the next best time of the year for trekking in Nepal. The months December, January, and February fall during this season. In this season, snow is falling in the high altitude. Due to this rail fall in this season, it may arouse high-speed rink winds and temperature will be cold. This season seems relatively less crowd than the peak seasons in Nepal. So, trekkers should take winter clothes during their trekking in Nepal
Trekkers/travelers can choose any seasons that suit their time or holiday vacation and do contact with the Malung treks, which will carefully organize trekking packages according to your time and budget.