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Raj Kumar Rai was in grade 5 when he was made to quit his schooling due to financial difficulties, born in Solukhumbu district in 1982 his family struggled to make ends. At the age of 10, he left his hometown to work and find some form of stability. At the tender age of 15 he started his career working for the tourism industry for menial jobs, he launched himself into the industry that propelled him to do better and intrigued him as well. 

Soon enough due to the relentless exchanges with guests at hotels, trekking companies at the tourist hub Namche bazaar Raj Kumar was able to know the business in out. His hands-on experience surpassed any academic standing as he worked hard to move up in the ranks of his work from porter to trekking guide to now a Managing Director and although the road to his success was not an easy one he has proved that with determination and goodwill anything is possible. He is a great example of how tourism can help the people in secluded communities in Nepal and change the course of their life. 
Furthermore, knowing very well the effect tourism can have on the economy of a person, household and community Raj Kumar started Malung Treks and Expedition in 2014 with the hopes of providing a grade A service to the clients and worked relentlessly to promote non-tourist destinations to the international market in the hopes a widespread economic development that comes with the tourism. Raj Kumar’s team skills, his hands-on experience in this field has made him a favorite amongst his travelers, but this is not all Malung Treks and Expedition and Raj Kumar are limited to; he is an active social worker and in more occasions, than one has used his standing to help the local community. A few examples of the social work he contributes to include Welcome Home an organization that helps differently able children especially those belonging to poor families, Malung Treks and Expedition donates 10 percent of their profit to the charity organization. Additionally, post-earthquake the company and Raj Kumar have been involved in projects such Conscious impact that works in post-earthquake reconstruction. 

A prime example of determination and goodwill Raj Kumar has not only guided tour in having a spectacular time in Nepal but also helped communities to benefit from tourism and a general sense of belongingness.

Trekking adviser and Trekking guide

Prakash Rai is from lower Solukhumbu he has started his career in tourism industry since 2002 being a trekking porter and became trekking guide and sirdar after completing his trekking guide course from Nepal tourism and hotel management depart.
Now he has gain lack of experience about taking care customer depend on situation and physical condition. He knows how to care and understand their feeling about altitude and adventure team for mountain.  




Bal Kumar Rai is one of the best trekking guide in Nepal. He has done several trips in Nepal including Mt. Everest, Annapurna and non touristic

Karna is our trek guide in Nepal. 

Ganga is Trekking guide in Nepal

Bal is Trekking guide in Nepal